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    Ava Siniscalchi - “Leggo

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    Rehearsal of “La Bayadere” with Anastasia Soboleva and Ivan Vasiliev at Mikhailovsky Theatre photographey by Nikolay Krusser

    Just Vasiliev leaping through time



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    Circus Arts BA Hons and Postgraduate Devised Pieces - April 2014

    "Everyday Everyday" - with links performed by Foundation Degree first years and directed by Peta Lily.

    Find out more about Circus Arts Higher Education training at the National Centre for Circus Arts.

    Photography by Mark Morreau

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    From yesterday’s shoot with @jonathanmorell! Can just say that I’m really impressed. This is such a sweet position. More to come so stay tuned by following my page.

    I’m looking for some new tags to reach out to more people here on instagram. Do you know any good featuring pages or good tags? Please help me by commenting bellow!


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    Now I’m Seeing (by PaulGreen)

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    Kristina Dynina (x)