1. jorenwentwalking:

    @danicagp swings! #circus #gopro #swing @gopro

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    Evgenia Obraztsova and David Makhateli, Sleeping Beauty rehearsal

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    High Flyin Fun | via Tumblr en We Heart It.

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  4. vimeo:

    The Balloon Highline by Sebastian Montaz-Rosset

    Don’t worry. He’s fine.

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  5. trapezelove:

    the first years of ENC show off their skills in the April presentations! 

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  6. hotcircus:

    lizaroseaerial in “Fhysical Graffiti” (by Bruce Dugdale, January 30, 2013)


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  7. missdelite:

    Trio Bellisimo for Spiegelworld

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    Some gorgeous pics of Jakob by Kevinthomasg

    omg Jakob Karr i used to have the biggest crush on him omg

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