1. Chahta Anumpa & Chikashshanompa

    Sorry for the out of character post, but I wanted to share this to a fellow Native:

    For Natives (or non-Natives) out there looking for indigenous language resources, take a look at these and help preserve and renew our native tongues! I know how difficult it is to try getting involved when you live far away from any tribal contact, I live across the country from my tribes. Just keep your eyes peeled though, every year more outreach programs and resources are made available. Only specifically listed Choctaw and Chickasaw online resources because that’s all I’ve spent time researching. Also, these are only a few, there are more out there.

    Native Languages - includes pages on many different North American languages and cultures

    School of the Choctaw Language (Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna) - Online lessons, classes, printed books and resources, word of the day, etc.

    Choctaw Nation Language Page - Overview, sounds, common phrases

    Choctaw Language Wikipedia Page - Surprisingly in depth basic grammar section

    Chickasaw Language Videos - Children’s/introductory phrases and vocab videos, and videos about the Language Revitalization Programs and Master/Apprentice program

    "Chickasaw Language Basic" App for iPhone/iPad/iOS devices - Phrases/vocab for many different contexts with audio of fluent speakers, highly recommended

    On iTunes there’s also a free podcast on diabetes entirely in Chickasaw… if you wanted to listen to that… for reasons….

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